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Nov 7

5 compelling reasons why you should use custom plush toys to promote your brand

Custom plush toys can be a great way to share the fun side your brand with customers of all ages.

Your custom plushies can be used as giveaways at product and brand promotions, movie or TV series promotions, book promotions featuring characters from the book, as well as at sporting and school/university events that have mascots, marathons, fundraisers and other such occasions. They can also be sold as merchandise in your online shop.

Here are the top five compelling reasons to use custom plush toys for marketing your brand. Continue reading!

1. The numbers are clear: Promotional products are very popular, and the Global Plush Toy Market is growing quickly

This is the #1reason for custom promotional products. They work!

Why custom plush toys, you might ask?

The global market for plush toys and stuffed animals is expanding at an exponential rate. It was valued at US 7.98 billion in 2018, and will grow at a CAGR 7.61% during the forecast period 2019-2025. This is due in large part to the impact of action, animation and superhero movies.

When you promote your brand with custom plush toys, your brand will be a hit. This is the time and market to do it!

2. All ages will love plush toys:

Everybody needs a hug every now and again.

Toys made of plush have an universal appeal. They look cute and people are likely to be happy when they're presented with them.

They are irresistible to children, and they have a soft corner for adults, who can connect their childhood with these toys. You can create fond memories for your children with plush toys and take adults on a nostalgic trip.

According to The Guardian, 44% have kept their childhood toys and dolls. 34% still use a soft toy each night. Researchers at VU Amsterdam found that cuddling a soft doll can help people with low self-esteem and alleviate anxiety.

Let's make sure your children and grandchildren are delighted with cuddly plushies that will delight them!

3. Custom Plush toys can be very customizable:

Your brand logo, artwork, logo or characters can be transformed into custom-made plush toys.

This cute plush bunny toy is the brand mascot for Duracell

Send us your character designs if your brand is sponsoring a TV series or launching a product line. We can turn your imagination into a plushie. We can help you design a plushie if you have an idea or an image.

This artwork was transformed by Aquaholic into a plushie-sized plushie.

Your plushie can be customized in multiple colors to match brand colors. You also have the option of choosing from different materials. Your brand can be printed on custom t-shirts or accessories, such as bows, sashes and bows.

You don't have to buy a huge plushie. You can also order keychains or magnets.

4. These custom plush toys are durable and retain their value well.

Custom plush toys, unlike promotional products like pens, socks, or T-shirts are durable and long-lasting. This is the type of promotional product that everyone will notice. The chances of a custom-made plushie being loved more are higher. Your brand makes a positive impression every time a customer remembers to look at your plushie.

You can machine wash custom plush toys and keep them for a long time. If your customers love and enjoy the plushies, they will likely share them with their children, grandchildren, or other children.

It is also very difficult to lose a plushie unless you take it on vacations, to the grocery store and to sleepovers.

5. At Fundraisers or other events, custom plush toys can be a match made in Heaven

Custom plushies can be a great option for non-profits or those who are trying to raise funds or promote a cause. To match your fundraising goal, you can mark up the price of the plushie. Plushies are very popular and people will love to donate to your cause while also collecting a lasting keepsake.

Promoting your university at open-day events can be done with plushies featuring your mascot.

These mascots would look adorable as plushies! This is a great souvenir for students.

Your online shop can also sell your plushies. This adorable Freddo the Frog plushie is available at online gift shop.